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The VOLATIZER® is so fast, efficient and easy to use that once you have tried it, you will never go back to yesterday’s technology!

The patented, smokeless, Vortex Volatizationextraction process achieves the same desired benefit while using only a fraction of the material.


Step 1: As to essential oils, use no more than a drop directly applied to the top of the screen. The VOLATIZER® is so efficient that for most essential oils, anything more than a drop is unnecessary.  Likewise, as to herbs and botanicals, the same rule applies. Spread a very small amount, no more than the volume of regular aspirin, of finely ground tobacco or other material on the screen. On the next occasion, experiment with an even smaller amount. As to some tobacco, herbs and botanicals, an adequate extraction may only require the volume of a childrens’ aspirin.

Step 2: Fill the flask half full of water. Insert glass tube through stopper and place securely on mouth of flask. Then place screen in glass bowl and place the bowl unit into the stopper and glass tube.

Step 3: Attach the breathing tube as shown. Preheat  the VOLATIZER® wand  (approximately 10-20 seconds, or until orange/red.)

Step 4:  Place wand on top of heating chamber and heat for approximately 3 seconds then begin to inhale at a slow even pace while continuing to heat the essential oil or herb. For tobacco and herbs, a slight browning or color change will be visible when the herb or botanical is expended and a whitish vapor will be visible. As to essential oils, you will see the drop of essential oil disappear and a whitish vapor as the oil is vaporized. The exact time necessary to vaporize or volatize a substance depends upon its nature and its moisture content. Therefore, a certain amount of practice and experimentation is necesary.

Warning - Do not overheat the oil or herb, they will burn if you do. This can be avoided by lifting and reapplying the wand head to the top of the heating chamber or by briefly releasing pressure on the pressure button [M1] or the rocker switch [M2] then reapplying pressure. Remember, the whole point of the volatization process is to vaporize not burn the essential oil, herb or tobacco. As the Surgeon General has announced many times, smoking causes cancer, heart disease, emphysema and other physical ailments, volatization or vaporization reduces these risks.



Before using, read the VM3™ User’s Manual which contains detailed instructions and information about the construction, operation and maintenance of the Volatizer® VM3™ which comes with a 10 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, just call Volatizer at the toll free number and arrange to return the unit undamaged for a complete refund. In addition, the VM3™ comes with a 90 day warranty on parts and labor, and six months on the battery.  As with any battery powered device, at some point the battery will have to be replaced.  The Lithium Ion Polymer battery in the VM3™ can be recharged a minimum of 300 times. Since the VM3™ is designed for personal, individual use, as opposed to a clinical unit like the Volatizer® M2, one charge will usually last several days. Therefore, the battery should last over a year before it needs to be replaced.  However, to better ensure long battery life, turn off the unit after use so as not to drain the battery. You can do this by pressing the power button or simply retracting the mouthpiece and closing the mouthpiece cover. Battery replacement, repairs, and internal cleaning, as opposed to keeping the vaporization chamber area free of residue and debris, must be done by a trained Volatizer technician. 

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